Last time we mentioned that the Angel Association of NZ (AANZ)has been working on some general guidance with respect to the interpretation under the new FMCA about what constitutes ‘eligibility’. You can read it here.

AANZ also weighed in last week to support calls from IceHouse and KPMG for changes to migrant investment policies to encourage newcomers to New Zealand to invest in early-stage ventures. While many in the angel investment community expressed support, some investors, migrants and even Steven Joyce expressed reservations that changes might have a deterrent effect on investor migration. What do you think?

Dave Moskovitz’s new initiative NZ Startup of the Week this week (week 3) features Wearit who are about to close out their funding round.

Also popping up for spring is new agri-tech venture accelerator, the aptly-named Sprout.

As New Zealand celebrates a successful first year of equity crowd-funding, Australia finally looks set to catch up with no less a champion than new PM Malcolm Turnbull an early adopter. Meanwhile the number of equity crowd-funding platforms in NZ continues to grow, sparking some concern about quality and the potential for a shake-out.

Australia’s take on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, ended a short run on TV3 this week but still available on demand. Nice to see some more familiar-looking and sounding founders and investors. Also interesting to note some surprisingly modest valuations, as well as the usual outrageous ones.

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