Launch Club is Ministry of Awesome‘s Startup Activation programme tailored for early-stage entrepreneurs who want to spend focused time developing their venture and defining their pathway to success.

The programme will include:

  • Six 2-hour training workshops


  • 4 x 30-minute mentoring sessions with the Ministry of Awesome’s Startup Activator

Programme Structure

Session # 1

Vision & Customer Discovery

This first session focuses first on gaining clarity around the ‘why’ of your venture. We will focus on developing your startup’s ‘Vision’, ‘Mission’, and your long-term goals. Then, for the second half of our session, we will work on identifying the market need and your potential customers.

Session # 2

Prototyping & Validation

This session takes a critical look at your product or service, explores your pricing and business model, then shows you how to quickly test your product with potential customers and optimise until you have traction.

Session # 3

Business Model & Pricing

In this session, we’re going to explore different types of business models and how each can be the key to building a sustainable enterprise. You will through the lean business canvas and work through various business models to see which creates the best outcomes.

Session # 4


Intelligent marketing drives growth. In this session, we will look at how to develop a brand and support it with impactful storytelling. We will look at how to develop an overarching marketing strategy and review some tactics that will execute that strategy.

Session # 5


Developing and maintaining a successful sales pipeline will be your single biggest challenge as an entrepreneur. In this interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to various sales strategies, techniques, and the importance of developing a robust sales pipeline.

Session # 6

Success metrics, legal foundations, and next steps.

Having a grip on your success metrics is key to running a successful business operation.

Our experienced accountant will show you which metrics to track to understand a company’s performance in real time. Then we will look at the legal set up of your young business reviewing issues such as intellectual property, company ownership, licensing, and customer agreements.

In the second half of this session, we will concentrate on your very next steps and how to build accountability into your growth process. We will also look at developing strategic partnerships and how to effectively communicate your elevator pitch and build powerful networks.

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