Here is a selection of companies which Canterbury Angels have invested in  and has resulted in a mutually beneficial ongoing partnership:

GD1 (Global from Day One) Fund II is a leading venture capital fund focused on high-growth ventures across the Asia-Pacific region.  GD1 Fund II is investing across a range of sectors, including, Consumer Internet, eCommerce, Lean Hardware and Manufacturing.

NoticeMATCH is primarily about data, details of deceased, and making that available to as many businesses as possible to enable them to cleanse their databases.

Amy is an AI based private tutor for maths. She works just like a human tutor and gives students feedback as they solve problems and understands why they make mistakes so she can fill any knowledge gaps as soon as they come up. This means students don’t get stuck and maths becomes easy.

Nutrient Rescue products give easy access to delicious, nutritious, plant-based, clean wholefoods. All our products are 100% free of meat, dairy, gluten, added salt or alcohol, and contain only naturally occurring sugars. Our Green and Red Shots are a convenient and cost-effective way of getting green veges and red berries into your daily diet.

EVNEX builds safe and cost effective cellular connected charging solutions for electric vehicles. They enable their enterprise customers to cost effectively manage and monitor those and other assets from anywhere in the world via their intelligent cloud management platform.

Hivemind is the world’s leading manufacturer of Bee Hive monitoring technology, undergoing a heavy growth phase. Hivemind dramatically improves beekeepers’ hive knowledge and business economics by smartly monitoring hive yield and health in deeply remote locations that have only satellite coverage. Hivemind covers 340 Apiary sites in NZ and Australia.

Tuhua is a fund that invests in New Zealand’s leading start-ups.  Their partnership with The Icehouse and the ICE Angels enables them to provide an unprecedented amount of resource and support to start-ups. They’re there to give start-ups the tools for the hunt.

CertusBio has developed novel lab-on-a-chip biosensor monitoring technology to increase the resource and energy efficiency of large-scale industrial processes as part of the current fourth industrial revolution. CertusBio gives customers the ability to make better decisions and improve their processes by providing real-time, location specific wastewater monitoring resulting in less waste and cleaner industrial processes.