If you are a New Zealand company seeking early stage investment then that’s a great start, but before you start our application process please be sure that you meet our basic criteria:

  • You are looking for between $50,000 and $500,000 investment
  • Your product or service can achieve rapid adoption in large markets
  • You have a compelling, well articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share
  • Barriers to entry: ideally some proprietary technology or smarts
  • Team: a strong (not necessarily complete) team
  • Exit strategy:  Some idea of how you will deliver a return to investors
  • How we fit:  a desire for advice, coaching and connections
  • Valuation: you must fit within our risk/reward expectations
  • Validation/Traction: you must demonstrate that your idea has been validated or is gaining traction
Applications will go through the following process:
  • One-on-one Meetings – Canterbury Angels are working alongside Ministry of Awesome so you can book a 30-minute session with Jacob Varghese, Ministry of Awesome’s Startup Activator, and let them help you unpack your idea and run through some initial business validation with you so that you can understand your next steps. Mention to Jacob you found them through our website.
  • A preliminary review by Canterbury Angels representative– desktop due diligence, completed within a few days of your application being received by us.
  • Interview with Canterbury Angels representative – an informal conversation where we’ll explain more about our criteria and ask you questions about your venture’s potential to meet them. If everything is clear this may simply be the exchange of a few emails.
  • Screening committee with several selected club members. This group will assess your application to confirm whether we have sufficient interest within Canterbury Angels to lead this deal to completion. You’ll know the very soon what our answer is.
  • Invitation to present at a club meeting, held quarterly – bring on the PowerPoint! 10 minutes to present to 40-50 interested individuals, followed by Q&A. We will arrange follow up meetings on an ‘as needed’ basis to confirm the due diligence process.
  • Due diligence – this can take up to two months.  We’ll  support you during this time. We work together with other New Zealand Angel groups to access the widest possible network of investors and also SCIF funding opportunities.

Note that only a small percentage of applications are successful in making it through the full process to presentation, and finally to investment – BUT we commit to our entrepreneurs to make the experience as painless as possible, empowering and valuable – even if investment is not forthcoming.

Our fees: There are no fees for application, coaching, presentations. Canterbury Angels Inc. may charge a commission in the event of a successful investment.

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