Christchurch is a place of innovation and change and has a vast array of entrepreneurs and businesses that are hoping to take the world by storm.

If you are an innovative early-stage company with the solution to a problem and looking for a way to scale up you might need some help to take the next steps on your journey.

There are a lot of barriers to successfully commercialising an idea, and investment from the Canterbury Angels gives you more than just money in the bank. We provide a vast array of resources including experienced business mentors with an extensive network of connections who will champion your progress along the way!.

We are here to help you prepare for your next stage of growth so apply now and get the ball rolling.

Getting funded has different requirements for each company but our normal process is:

  • We review you and your company to see if you are a fit with our investment criteria
  • We determine your readiness for investment and overall suitability
  • You present at one of our Investor Evenings
  • We complete our Due Diligence
  • The investment offer is finalised
  • Legal documentation is prepared
  • You receive the funds