Demo Day Friends,

Many thanks for taking part in last week’s Demo Day. We were thrilled to host nearly 500 of you for our largest event to date. In case you missed out, videos of the pitches will be out late next week.

We are pleased to report all 11 startups attracted the interest they were seeking and are well positioned to attract the support they need.

So, what happens next? For those of you who expressed interest in particular startups we will follow up with email introductions to the respective founders on Monday. If you are new to the space, we are hosting 2x “Demo Day Debrief Lunches” where experienced investors will share their perspective on each of the 11 startups. Details below.

There are essentially two types of opportunities:

  1. Startups requiring a lead investor, due diligence, and investment documentation. In these cases, we will support teams of investors to collectively lead a process to evaluate the startups, produce a due diligence report, and negotiate terms. Many hands make light work!
  2. “Take it or leave it” opportunities with startups like Mastaplex or Melodics that already have their investment documentation & due diligence complete. In these cases, each of you have the opportunity to connect with the teams, speak with existing investors, review all existing documentation, and then make a call whether or not it’s right for you.

Many of the startups have substantial lists of investors to work through. To help streamline their process, we encourage you to be responsive to their follow up and to be proactive to let them or us know if you are ready to proceed or no longer interested.

If you have questions at any point please feel free to call me or Jack. We are also happy to connect you to other experienced members of the ICE Angels to learn from their perspectives.

We will have a number of ways for you to get involved over the next few weeks. Details below. Email us if you would like to take part.

Demo Day Debriefs
12pm, Friday 7th of July
12pm, Thursday 13th of July

We’re hosting two lunches in the next fortnight to discuss the companies that pitched and their capital raise progress.

The Debrief lunches enable individuals, regardless of experience, to quickly learn about each of the companies, share insights and opinions, and see the momentum of each company’s capital raise.

RSVP to Jason here, letting us know which date you would like to attend.

7th Annual Showcase
Thursday, 21st of September
Viaduct Events Centre

Our Showcase will feature up to twelve exceptional startups seeking capital.

The Showcase is similar in format to the Demo Day but will host a more diverse range of startups representing wider industries, stages, and backgrounds.

If you would like to RSVP, or are interested in hosting a VIP table, RSVP to Jack here.

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