We’re looking for early stage companies…

For Canterbury Angels’ first event for 2019, we are inviting interested companies to pitch at our Pitch & Pizza evening on Thursday 21 February. Even if you are very early stage this is a great chance for you to find out more about investment opportunities and get feedback on your pitch.

Please contact Gabby for more information.

Pitch & Pizza is an event for start ups who are looking for investment in the next two to six months.The event is a relaxed “dragons den” format with panellists from the Canterbury innovation ecosystem, providing Q&A on what is an investible pitch. The primary objective is to provide start ups with the knowledge and direction that is required to pitch to Investor groups.

The events additional benefits are:

  • Start ups have a “stepping stone” to investibility
  • Investors can preview future deal flows
  • Begins to build investor groups around start ups
  • Encourages mentors to reach out to start ups
  • Encourages the stakeholders of the local ecosystem to collaborate
  • Allows potential startups to understand the process and expectations around capital raising
  • Helps build community and buzz around the ecosystem
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Ministry of Awesome’s 6 week Startup Activation Programme

Launch Club is Ministry of Awesome‘s Startup Activation programme tailored for early-stage entrepreneurs who want to spend focused time developing their venture and defining their pathway to success.

The programme will include:

  • Six 2-hour training workshops


  • 4 x 30-minute mentoring sessions with the Ministry of Awesome’s Startup Activator

Programme Structure

Session # 1

Vision & Customer Discovery

This first session focuses first on gaining clarity around the ‘why’ of your venture. We will focus on developing your startup’s ‘Vision’, ‘Mission’, and your long-term goals. Then, for the second half of our session, we will work on identifying the market need and your potential customers.

Session # 2

Prototyping & Validation

This session takes a critical look at your product or service, explores your pricing and business model, then shows you how to quickly test your product with potential customers and optimise until you have traction.

Session # 3

Business Model & Pricing

In this session, we’re going to explore different types of business models and how each can be the key to building a sustainable enterprise. You will through the lean business canvas and work through various business models to see which creates the best outcomes.

Session # 4


Intelligent marketing drives growth. In this session, we will look at how to develop a brand and support it with impactful storytelling. We will look at how to develop an overarching marketing strategy and review some tactics that will execute that strategy.

Session # 5


Developing and maintaining a successful sales pipeline will be your single biggest challenge as an entrepreneur. In this interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to various sales strategies, techniques, and the importance of developing a robust sales pipeline.

Session # 6

Success metrics, legal foundations, and next steps.

Having a grip on your success metrics is key to running a successful business operation.

Our experienced accountant will show you which metrics to track to understand a company’s performance in real time. Then we will look at the legal set up of your young business reviewing issues such as intellectual property, company ownership, licensing, and customer agreements.

In the second half of this session, we will concentrate on your very next steps and how to build accountability into your growth process. We will also look at developing strategic partnerships and how to effectively communicate your elevator pitch and build powerful networks.

Register here.

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2018 Canterbury Tech Summit

Canterbury Angels is proud to be a support partner of the 2018 Canterbury Tech Summit. This event is the South Island’s largest annual tech conference that brings together leaders in innovation, technology and business to share ideas, grow their networks and be inspired.

When: 12th September
Time: Registrations from 11:30am
Where: Airforce Museum of New Zealand – 45 Harvard Ave, Wigram

Click here to see more and register.

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Get in quickly – AANZ Summit registrations open!

Diversity … making a difference and delivering outcomes

Last year we celebrated a decade of angel investing in New Zealand. And it was terrific to have that line up with some impressive success for angel backed companies with PowerbyProxi selling to Apple, Publons selling to Clarivate and ImeasureU selling to Oxford Metrics. Last year was also record year for ‘dollars into deals’ with a 26% increase on the previous year’s investment at $86m.

We are genuinely creating value for New Zealand and New Zealanders. At this year’s summit we will focus on amping up that value through the power of diversity. Why and how does a more feminine approach, both as founders and investors, add value? What values do different ethnicities bring to angel backed ventures to increase the prospect of success? Why is it important we include millennials in our ventures?

It’s all about making a difference… diversity and inclusion delivers higher value outcomes.

The 11th Annual NZ Angel Summit, 1/2 November, is being held at Marlborough Vintners, 10 minutes drive from Blenheim and in amongst the vineyards. We deliberately choose smaller intimate venues to ensure we create the right atmosphere for relaxed and rewarding conversations. Our last three summits have sold out as we prioritise places for those ‘doing deals’.

On the first morning we set the context for the two days by reviewing the year and have a session on the values that drive angel investors and how these impact on success. In the afternoon we apply these insights to the more practical aspects of angel investment with sessions on the new industry standard term sheet, how to ensure alignment with follow-on funding sources and dig into the government’s plans to support our endeavours, particularly with respect to tax reform. On Friday morning we focus on our own heroes and hear first-hand from some of our founders and investors who getting real traction offshore. All of this will be shot through with input from successful women and millennials in our community and deep engagement with Maori and our Asian investor migrant community.

Click here to register

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Snowball Effect 3 year update

AANZ member, Snowball Effect has recently released a three year update on the performance of their platform. It contains a wealth of fascinating insight and is really transparent about the money raised and the profile of their investors. It’s a timely provocation to all our members. This sort of data is critical to raising the profile, performance and reputation of early stage investment as an asset class worthy of attention.

Snowball Effect 3 year update

Over its first three years of operation, Snowball Effect has raised $29 million across 35 offers. 25 of these offers were made available publicly and 10 were made available privately. The public offers generated $23.1 million in investment and the private offers generated $6.1 million. The private offers are now the fastest growing part of the Snowball Effect marketplace.

Capital raised
The capital being raised in each offer is significant relative to the rest of the industry in NZ, with eight offers reaching over $1 million raised and the average public offer reaching $923k. This compares to a market average for public offers on other platforms of just $371k. Large public offers like Zeffer and Designer Wardrobe are attracting significant numbers of investors. The average number of investors into a public offer was 142 people and 14 offers have received investment from over 100 investors.

Investment sizes
There have been 3,935 investments made through Snowball Effect. The largest portion of the amount invested came from investments in the $10k to $50k range, with $8.9 million worth of investments from this range. The largest single investment was $1.25 million and 632 investments were over $10k. At the smaller end of the scale, the largest number of investments was in the $1k and $5k range, with 2,162 investments in this range.

Investor behaviour
The platform now has an audience of 15,509 of whom 2,413 have made an investment. So far, 27% have made more than one investment and 7.5% have made four or more investments. 17 people have invested in more than 10 offers and the most active investor has invested in 25 offers.

Investor demographics
The average age is 45, the youngest investor is 18, and the oldest investor is 88. So far, 24% of active investors on the platform are female, which compares to a national average in 2005 of 5% for angel investor networks in 2012 (according to the Angel Association of NZ).

Wholesale investors
There are 896 wholesale investors registered on the platform. Wholesale investors are eligible to receive a wider range of investment offers because of their net-worth, experience with private investments, or financial sophistication. The average investment into a private offer is $35k and there are 48 investors who have invested over $100k.

Additional services
Snowball Effect launched the first public offer using the equity crowdfunding rules in New Zealand. In company’s second year, it introduced a private offer service and added a nominee service that lets companies manage multiple investors through a single legal entity. This year it introduced an investor profile that lets investors control what types of private offers they get access to and a director matching service that helps companies find independent or non-executive directors. 80 people have completed their independent director profile. Snowball Effect has also introduced a share registry management service which is currently tracking the shareholding of 468 investors.

A high-res version of the 3 year infographic is available to view here.

A pdf version of the infographic is available for download here.










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Shamubeel Eaqub: Thoughts on New Zealand’s economy in a global context

Global From Day One Fund 2 welcome you to join us for an informal discussion with Shamubeel Eaqub, one of New Zealand’s leading economists and market commentators.

Shamubeel will discuss the outlook for the economy and the savings and investment picture in New Zealand compared to other advanced economies.

Shamubeel is an experienced economist who makes economics easy. He is a thought leader unafraid to take a contrarian view and is a respected contributor to media, government and business sector discussions on economic and strategic matters.

Shamubeel has authored “Growing Apart: Regional Prosperity in NZ”, co-authored “Generation Rent” and “New Zealand Economy: An Introduction” and contributed to “Once in a Lifetime: City-building after a Disaster in Christchurch”.

Location: L22 PwC Tower, 188 Quay Street, Auckland
When: 29th August, 2017
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Arrival Drink 5:00pm – 5:15pm
Seminar and Q&A 5:15pm – 6:45pm
Networking and Cocktails from 7:00pm

RSVP: micaela@gd1apac.com


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The Treatment Of Women And The Role Of Diversity In Angel Investment

Shabby, unkind and unprofessional treatment of women by men (and sometimes by other women) whether in venture capital or more broadly is unacceptable. While women have had the rough end of the stick for hundreds of years, being treated fairly and kindly should not be gender specific.

It is not about being a woman or a man or even religion or ethnicity. It’s about the values we choose to live by and which values give us a greater crack at success – however we define success!

How we treat each other and the importance of diversity is about a set of values and two values in particular – kindness and respect.

Supporting and scaling start-ups is no walk in the park. It’s often challenging and down right terrifying – for founders and investors. The fear of failure and rejection is always skulking in the shadows of fund raising, closing a sales deal and hiring senior employees. It’s anxiety inducing.

More kindness and respect would not go amiss. The AANZ believes both are key components of success, particularly when it comes to successfully scaling high growth startups.

We need to acknowledge that tough conversations are often necessary in our world. These may feel unkind but the pain can be minimised if respect and empathy – without bias – are at the heart of these conversations too.

Values complimenting kindness also support the importance of diversity. Kindness requires open-mindedness, curiosity and exploring different points of view. Successful founders live these values and these values are at the heart of the informed pivot and the ability to create and build value.

Kindness must underpin ensuring there is diversity in our deal flow, at our events and in our governance. Diversity mustn’t be about tokenism or ticking a box. Delivering diversity is about trying and looking harder to ensure it exists. It’s about valuing people to create value. We should select women (or Maori or Chinese or Buddhist) founders, speakers and board members based on their ability to shine and help others to shine. To do anything other than this is unkind – to everyone, and especially to the ‘box tickee’.

The AANZ Code of Conduct can be found here. We have added two clauses to the behaviours we expect. They are to be:
– Kind and respectful, and
– Supportive of diversity

As an industry we take responsibility, individually and collectively, for reflecting the behaviours set out in the Code of Conduct. We will talk quietly to those we are worried might not be reflecting these. We are not advocates of naming and shaming. That’s not kind or respectful.

The AANZ Constitution, however, makes it clear that our members must be “of good standing in the angel investment community” and there is provision for members to be expelled when this is no longer the case. The profound potential for common good inherent in angel investment is squandered when the self-interest reflected in unkindness is prioritised.

We all have circles of inspiration and impact – we must be the change we want to see – it’s powerful stuff.


Suse Reynolds
AANZ Executive Director

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Canterbury Angels in the media

Heavenly manna from angel investors

The Canterbury Angels startup investment group is on the hunt for startup investments following a recent agreement with the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund.

The partnership means when Canterbury Angels invest in a new company, NZVIF will match it dollar-for-dollar, according to local Angels chairman Ben Reid.

The taxpayer-funded NZVIF was set up by the government in 2002 and has $280 million invested in various companies in funds.

Canterbury Angels is one of several private investor groups around the country, overseen by the Angel Association of New Zealand.

Reid said the partnership with NZIF would run for around four to five years, investing into 10 to 15 young companies over the first 18 months.

The first qualifying company is Notice Match, a business that compiles details of people who have died, and making them available to businesses to keep their databases up to date.

Canterbury Angels has about 40 members and invites investee companies to make presentations – the sooner the better because of the time lag in achieving investment, Reid said.

Angels are professional or habitual investors as defined under securities legislation and will invest between $10,000 and $100,000 in a deal, which may be syndicated with other Angel investment clubs.

Reid echoed the sentiments of many in the startup sector – Kiwi investors were too focused on more immediate dividends.

Examples of startup investments include the Powerhouse group, seed funded from a Christchurch City Council endowment fund and 22 per cent owned by the council’s Canterbury Development Corporation.

Powerhouse subsidiaries HydroWorks and CropLogic, are currently seeking funds to list on the Australian Stock Exchange which they believe will be closer to markets and funding sources. Startups also often receive money from other government funders like Callaghan Innovation.

Many startups commercialised research from Canterbury and Lincoln universities, and Reid said the angels also worked with other governmental and business-subsidised startup supporters including EPIC, Lightning Lab, Greenhouse, Vodafone Xone, and Ministry of Awesome.

These group are facilitators with drop in centres to facilitate networking.

The Canterbury Angel investor group included directors Shane Wakelin, Joan McSweeney, Ria Chapman, Mark Cathro, Raphael Nolden, Ian Douthwaite, and SLI Systems co-founder Geoff Brash.

Meanwhile, NZVIF allocates $2.8m a year for Crown seed investment, and provides reports about the companies and the amounts they have received.

Forty six per cent of the companies were software companies, 14 per cent biotechnology, 7 per cent technology hardware, 5 per cent healthcare equipment and service, and 5 per cent produce capital goods.

Since 2002 the government NZVIF has invested in more than 211 companies through partnerships with venture capital funds and angel networks, and those companies have raised a further $1.9 billion from private investors.

Craig Hudson, the country manager of accounting software firm Xero, said research identified 36 per cent of small businesses in Canterbury are most concerned about cash flow, and 42 per cent say administration takes the most time. Securing new business is the main concern for most sme’s.

All small businesses should be moving bookkeeping and accounting to cloud systems, Hudson said.

See original article here.

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Launch of Angel Investors Marlborough

Business Trust Marlborough & Angel Investors Marlborough invite you to join them for cocktails in celebration of two important new Marlborough initiatives:

  • The Launch of Angel Investors Marlborough (AIM)
  • A Preview of Inspire Foundation Marlborough

With official welcome from Marlborough Mayor John Leggett. Come be a part of Marlborough history in the making!

When: Thursday August 3rd 5:30 to 7pm (guest speakers from 6pm)
Where: The Whitehaven Room, ASB Theatre, Blenheim

Please feel free to bring along a partner or colleague
RSVP with numbers by Friday July 28th.

Angel Investors Marlborough (AIM) is a recently incorporated society whose members are locally based seasoned investors, business people and entrepreneurs, who seek to assist early stage businesses by providing capital, expertise and contacts to support future growth plans. Investments ranging from $50k to $1m will preferably be in Marlborough but AIM will also consider other NZ and international opportunities.

Founded by locally based entrepreneur, Richard Coon (Partners Life), AIM currently has 30 members, who all qualify as wholesale investors.
AIM work closely with Business Trust Marlborough, who run the Government’s Business Mentor programme in Marlborough. AIM is a member of the Angel Association of New Zealand.For more information please check out the AIM page on www.businesstrustmarlborough.co.nz or contact the Manager via email.

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Canterbury Angels 2017 AGM

Notice of Annual Meeting

Canterbury Angel Investors Incorporated


Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Society will be held at Greenhouse, 146a Lichfield Street, Christchurch on the 27th day of July 2017 at 5:30pm, with the following business to be considered:

  1. Welcome.

  2. Apologies.

  3. Annual Report of the Chair for the year ended 31 March 2016.

  4. Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2016.

  5. Special business – retirement of Board and election of new Board.

  6. General business.

  7. Closure. By order of the Board.

If you would like to put yourself forward to serve on the committee for Canterbury Angels, email Gabby Addington
Please register here for catering purposes.
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