AANZ are running a series of sessions coming up and we’re lucky enough to have one here in Christchurch on August 21st.

A deep dive into term sheets and convertible loan agreements and the impact various terms can have on the cap table… for better and worse!

This three hour session walks you through the impact of different terms and implication of such things as stacked convertible notes, the discount rate and valuation cap on who holds what equity. It will help you to understand how to align for mutual success and how founders and investors can be adversely impacted if the venture’s context and capital strategy is not fully understood. So we will be discussing the longer term impacts of commonly used investment terms, especially on the ability for companies to raise capital at a later date.

This session will be led by Avid Legal Partner, Murray Whyte, who will be joined by Ben Kepes to give an investor perspective and Mitchell McLaughlin from Road Guru to give a founder perspective.

You will have recently received the Runway invitation sent to founders and investor directors. It will also cover this topic. The workshop here will provide a far deeper dive into the mechanics and impacts of the different structures and is just for investors.

These workshops are designed to be highly interactive. You are actively encouraged  to share personal insights or challenges you have faced. We encourage you to bring your own examples of specific terms or CLAs in action that we can draw on as working examples.

The workshop will run from 10am – 1pm, with a light working lunch included in the day.
The cost is $150 + GST. Register here. 


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