The AANZ ‘exits workshop(s)” are a unique opportunity to get really practical insights and tips on angel portfolio management. AANZ Chair, Marcel van den Assum, Bruno Bordignon from Avid Legal and David Wallace from Armillary Capital have a wealth of hands on experience and war stories to share. In the morning (9.30 to midday) you will cover how to best set up a venture for exit, how to prepare for deploying investment bankers and in the afternoon (12.30pm to 3.00pm) we will discuss a terrific gating tool for portfolio management and some really practical tips for how to get out of deals that aren’t doing what we need them too. The afternoon session will include KPMG and AJ Park practitioners who will also be heavily focused on the practice not the theory!

Lunch will be provided at midday and you can choose to come to morning or afternoon sessions or the whole day. Whole day $300 and half day $150.
August 15th – Auckland
August 16th – Tauranga
August 17th – Wellington
Register here.
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