Angel Association NZ is pleased to invite you to the second iteration of its workshop on active portfolio management:

  • Auckland – Tuesday 15 August
  • Tauranga – Wednesday 16 August
  • Wellington – Thursday 17 August

This one day workshop is separated into two sessions and starts at 9.30am and concludes at 3pm.

In the morning we focus on driving for exits. Over two and half hours we address what active portfolio management to improve the odds of liquidity looks like. This includes delving into;

  • Capital strategy considerations required for acquisition or IPO,
  • How to position the venture acquisition or IPO, and
  • How and when to engage an investment banker.

We will hear from investor-directors who have recently exited an angel backed venture.

Active portfolio management also means knowing when and how to get out of under performing ventures. So in the second session of the day after lunch NZVIF will provide an overview of the Seed Co-investment portfolio setting the context by explaining what proportion of your portfolio you should expect “not to make it”. We then explore the various options for “liberating” your capital and capability from those under performing ventures, including the conversations and practical steps required.

The course presenters are AANZ Chair, Marcel van den Assum, AANZ Expert Partner Avid Legal’s, Bruno Bordignon and NZVIF’s Bridget Unsworth. And as mentioned, you will also hear from some of our more recently exited investor-directors.

We understand you may not have time to attend the whole day so you can choose to attend either or both sessions. The first session starts at9.30am and will run until midday, when we will have a half hour break for lunch, and the afternoon session will begin at 12.30pm and conclude at 3pm. Each session costs $150 to attend. All attendees are welcome to be there for lunch.

Please register here. If you wish to only attend the morning OR afternoon, please type in ‘AM only’ or ‘PM only’ to the promotional code field when registering.

Hope you can make it!

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